Month: February 2023

The European Parliament votes in favor of amending the transitional provisions in the MDR and the IVDR

Elizabeth Anne Wright

The European Parliament approves the European Commission’s proposal to extend the transitional periods in the MDR and remove the “sell-off” deadline in the MDR and IVDR.

Nothing lasts forever: Proposed ban of PFAS in the EU

Emma Bichet and Selma Abdel-Qader

The proposed EU restriction of per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances was published on 7 February 2023. If adopted into law, the restriction will result in a ban on the manufacture, use and placing on the EU market of around 10,000 PFAS,

EMA to reinstate its proactive clinical data publication policy

Elizabeth Anne Wright

EMA has decided to restart implementation of its policy to proactively publish clinical data.