The European Commission is conducting a public consultation, seeking suggestions for an update to its Blue Guide. This will be the first update since 2016, and represents an important opportunity for stakeholders to influence the way in which EU product rules are interpreted and enforced.

The Blue Guide is a key guide to EU product rules, applicable to a wide range of consumer and professional products covered by Union harmonisation legislation. These include electrical and electronic equipment, toys, machinery, radio equipment, medical devices and PPE, amongst many others. Its broad scope and detailed guidance also makes the Blue Guide influential in other areas.

The Commission’s consultation call specifically references changes to:

  1. reflect new EU legislation and, in particular, Regulation 2019/1020 (the compliance and enforcement regulation of the Goods Package); and
  2. better address the digital age and circular economy.

We think that significant areas for new guidance could include: e-labelling, the responsibilities of different actors in the supply chain, the use and recognition of electronic means of communication, and employing new technologies in corrective actions.

The deadline for suggestions is 15 January 2020 and you can send your ideas to:

Find out more here:

Posted by Carol Holley