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The Jury Has Spoken: Two Executives Convicted in Groundbreaking Consumer Product Safety Prosecution

Rod Freeman , Daniel Grooms , Matt Howsare and Shawn Skolky

In November 2023, a jury convicted two corporate executives of conspiracy and failure to report information about defective residential dehumidifiers as required by the Consumer Product Safety Act (CPSA). The jury verdict is groundbreaking because it is the first ever criminal conviction of corporate executives for failure to report under the CPSA. The judge’s decision on sentencing for the two defendants likely will put an end to the yearslong series of civil and criminal enforcement actions involving multiple Gree companies relating to the recalled dehumidifiers. The numerous actions over prior years were related to the companies’ recalls of multiple dehumidifiers linked to over 450 reported fires and millions of dollars in property damage.

On the right track? European Commission proposes new right-to-repair legislation

Tracey Bischofberger, Claire Temple and Ed Turtle

The European Commission recently published its proposal for a new Directive on common rules promoting the repair of goods. In this blog we take a look at the proposals and why they matter for companies doing business in the EU.

WEBCAST: Rapid-Fire Update on International Developments in Products Law

Tune in for a 30-minute rapid-fire webinar on recent developments in product regulation and product liability in the EU and US.

Circular economy: new EU and UK measures

Emma Bichet, Fergal Duggan and Jack Eastwood

This article summarises the key proposals in the EU’s Circular Economy Package I, looks at similar initiatives in the UK and provides some practical advice for businesses seeking to understand the potential effects of these initiatives.

EU Puts Consumer Rights Back on the Agenda

Edward Turtle and Julia Maskell

Key points in the European Commission’s New Consumer Agenda, which sets out plans for EU consumer policy to 2025.

All Together Now (Part 2) – One step closer to Collective Redress in Europe

Carol Holley, Jamie Humphreys, Corinne Robinson and Edward Turtle

The Council of the European Union adopted its position at first reading on the draft directive on consumer collective redress in the EU.