We thought we might share a bit about how the Cooley products team is adapting to the challenges arising from the current COVID-19 crisis.

First and foremost, we are mindful that this issue affects each and every one of us in a very significant way, both personally and professionally – individually, and as part of the companies we represent. And it affects some people, and some companies, differently than others. But without doubt, all our clients are experiencing significant disruption and unexpected and unprecedented challenges as the world works through this current crisis.

At Cooley, like all professional services providers, we are also needing to find ways to adapt to the current circumstances all around the world, and to find new and effective ways to continue to provide the enhanced levels of support our clients need.

Our products law team, since the day we started building it in 2017, has always placed a premium on our highly collaborative approach, on an uncompromising emphasis on teamwork, and on the importance of support for, and trust in, each other. Those of you who have worked with us as a team over the past three years will hopefully have seen and experienced first-hand our commitment to those values that we have worked so hard to build.

As a team, it has been our long-standing practice to meet internally each and every week, to discuss the work we are doing to support our clients, to talk about the future, and to learn from each other about our latest experiences in products law around the world. Circumstances dictate that we move those meetings to virtual formats, relying on videoconferencing rather than in-person gatherings. But we have each resolved that those weekly meetings are now more important than ever, as opportunities to discuss how we are adapting to the current conditions, to identify ways we need to support each other, and to take the benefits of new learnings to ensure our clients are always best-served by what we do, no matter what is happening around us all.

We also recognise and understand the importance of making step changes to adapt to the enhanced needs of our clients. We have a heightened focus on more rapid responses, more urgent turnaround, and a level of analysis that draws on our real-world experiences to find new solutions to new problems. Our transatlantic products team has this covered across all time zones, and we are more committed than ever to be the elite team for products law and support our clients through this crisis.

We will be providing regular updates on our insights and learnings arising from the COVID-19 crisis via our Productwise blog. We encourage you to follow Productwise to get notified of the updates we post, or better still, reach out to your usual contacts within our team and we will work together through these extraordinary times.

Posted by Cooley