In December 2020, the European Commission launched a survey to seek views from stakeholders on whether to introduce measures to decouple the sale of mobile phones and /or other consumer electronic devices, from chargers.  The survey will form part of an Impact Assessment Study on Unbundling of Chargers, feeding into proposals to be presented as part of the “Common Chargers” initiative.

The Common Chargers initiative aims to reduce e-waste and also includes proposals requiring harmonised chargers for mobile phones and other consumer devices (see our blog here). 

The survey aims to provide stakeholders with an opportunity to express their views, preferences and experiences, and is targeted at:

  • Manufacturers and distributors of mobile phones, other portable electronic devices and chargers
  • Industry associations, consumer organisations, and environmental NGOs
  • Competent EU and national public authorities, such as ministries, standards organisations, market surveillance authorities, and notified bodies

The survey is open only until 22 January 2021. See here for more information.

Posted by Tracey Bischofberger