Month: February 2021

FCC sets its sights on product compliance breaches

J.G. Harrington and Henry Wendel

We provide an update on some recent FCC decisions that act as a reminder to companies designing, manufacturing and marketing electronic devices of the importance of thorough pre-market review procedures.

See EU later (part 3) – the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement and its impact on products regulation

Claire Temple , Edward Turtle and Tracey Bischofberger

On 24 December 2020, the EU and the UK reached a deal on the terms of their future free trade and cooperation agreement. Here’s our summary of some of the key impacts on products regulation.

Productwise 3-2-1

Tracey Bischofberger, Matt Howsare and Claire Temple

Productwise 3-2-1, our monthly bite-sized digest of the current key issues in products law.