The European Chemicals Agency has launched a new online database called ‘SCIP’, which is short for ‘Substances of Concern In articles as such or in complex objects (Products)’. The public was granted access from 14 September 2021 (see here).  We think that companies manufacturing and importing products into the EU should be aware of the SCIP database, because it will now be much easier for consumers, NGOs and the media to access information on products containing hazardous chemicals.

SCIP is aimed at consumers.  The idea is that giving easy access to information will help them to make more informed choices and encourage companies to substitute out hazardous chemicals.

The information stored in the SCIP database is gathered under the EU’s waste rules.  Since 5 January 2021, companies have been required to declare certain products that are manufactured in, or imported into, the EU and contain chemicals designated as ‘substances of very high concern’ at concentrations above 0.1% by weight.  These declarations are then stored in SCIP.  There are currently over 12 million entries in the database. 

For further advice on SCIP, or the EU chemicals and waste rules more generally, please contact a member of the Cooley products team.

Posted by Emma Bichet