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Productwise Live: Looking to the Green Frontier – Key EU Developments for Green Claims, Products, Packaging and Textiles

Curious to learn more about the European Commission’s proposals and initiatives striving to achieve a circular economy?

European Parliament approves new product safety rules for consumer products

Breaking news: The European Parliament has this morning overwhelmingly approved the text of the new General Product Safety Regulations. This new legislation is a significant overhaul of the rules governing the safety of consumer products in the EU

Think before you claim “green”: the EU’s new Green Claims Directive

Emma Bichet and Anushi Amin

On the 23 March 2023, the European Commission proposed a new Green Claims Directive (the “Directive”).  If adopted, the Directive will have a huge impact on businesses making green claims on the products they sell in the EU. 

Nothing lasts forever: Proposed ban of PFAS in the EU

Emma Bichet and Selma Abdel-Qader

The proposed EU restriction of per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances was published on 7 February 2023. If adopted into law, the restriction will result in a ban on the manufacture, use and placing on the EU market of around 10,000 PFAS,

REACH for the stars!

Emma Bichet, Carol Holley and Selma Abdel-Qader

Cooley’s Productwise Bitesize brings you a short introduction to the REACH Regulation.

New EU rules on the design and production of batteries published

Ed Turtle, Tracey Bischofberger and Selma Abdel-Qader

After lengthy negotiations, the ‘final’ text of the EU Batteries Regulation agreed between the European Commission, Parliament and Council has been published. Whilst it’s possible there could still be minor changes, you can expect this to be substantively the same as the final published legislation.

What a year! So what next in 2023?

Rod Freeman and Tracey Bischofberger

2022 has been a really big year for products law across the globe, with a raft of significant new measures published. Productwise brings you a round-up of the highlights from 2022 and what to look out for in 2023

Webinar: New Liability Risks

Join Cooley’s international products law team today for a rapid-fire webinar covering new liability risks for product stakeholders.