The LVD ensures that electrical equipment designed for use with low voltage ratings (including the majority of consumer products e.g. electric ovens and televisions) is safe, and provides a high level of protection for European citizens. Given the proliferation in use of electrical devices and household appliances, ensuring the effective and up-to-date operation of the LVD is as significant as ever.

This consultation follows the Commission’s publication on 30 October 2017 of an Evaluation and Fitness Check Roadmap of the Directive and seeks views and information from public stakeholders, including consumers, manufacturers and public authorities, about any potential difficulties in the implementation of the provisions of the Directive as well as any improvements to its operation.

The Commission has also stated that the evaluation will include an assessment of the Directive’s interaction with other key pieces of legislation. This includes its interaction with the Radio Equipment Directive, the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive and the Machinery Directive, particularly in the light of the technical developments in areas such as energy efficiency and digitalisation. Given that many of the above pieces of legislation will govern the same product, it is key that all legislation works well together and that any potential overlap does not lead to confusion and conflicting results.

You can contribute to the consultation by completing an online questionnaire (which is open until 4 April 2019). As ever, if the Low Voltage Directive affects your business, you should really consider taking part, as the Commission will assess both the Roadmap and the consultation responses in order to identify any next steps needed for an improved Directive.  The conclusions will also consider the interaction with other relevant legislation, as well as any changes required as more electrical products become connected.

The Commission is looking to adopt a revised directive in the second quarter of 2019.

Posted by Fergal Duggan